Children's song  Good Morning Mom

The children's song "Good Morning, Mom" is a multiple-language song, created for the purpose of stimulating children's interest in foreign countries and contributing to promotion of international children's friendship. Free downloads.

The children's song has four features: multilanguage, your friend's names, greeting words, and the same meaning in each language in the lyrics. Multilanguage helps international children's friendship. Your friend's names give delight to your friends. "Bobby" in the lyrics can be replaced by your friend's name. Greeting words and the same meaning in each language are easy for children to remember the song. At present there are English, Japanese, and Russian versions of the children's song available.

We hope children enjoy the song in schools, in parties, in events, etc.

The song has been downloaded in over 40 countries.

You can create your native language version and combine it with other language version in the children's song.

We also offer a children's song contest( refer to How to apply ).

Free children's song downloads and the children's song lyrics.

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